Figuring it Out aims to help LGBTQ+ young people and educate straight/cis allies in a friendly and confidential manner. In doing this we hope to ensure more LGBTQ+ people don’t feel isolated and find other LGBTQ+ people in their area.

Things we do

Peer-to-peer support

Figuring it out aims to help LGBTQ+ young people by providing a supportive environment for people to ‘figure it out’, meet new friends within the community. We don’t want people to feel isolated whilst they work out who they are. We place an emphasis on confidentiality, so everyone feels safe and respected.

Supporting parents and teachers

We understand that your child coming out can often be confusing and sometimes difficult, even as a teacher discussing LGBTQ+ issues is even harder. By providing resources made by LGBTQ+ people, for allies, we can ensure a the spread of misinformation doesn’t occur.

Straight allies

We want to welcome straight allies to come along to Figuring It Out so they can educate and learn how to be a great ally that the LGBTQ+ community needs. This is important because we need the majority to stick up for the minority as well.

more stuff we do

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